fill in the blank friday and an apartment tour!

Double whammy of a post today! I figured what better way to end the week than with Fill in the Blank Friday and a tour of my apartment? No better way, would be the correct answer.

1.   You should always take time to     wash your makeup off before you go to sleep. Trust me. Your skin will thank you.  .

2.    Coffee and chocolate and chai tea lattes      make(s) the world a happier place to be.

3.  I can hardly wait for   our trip to DC in two weeks   .

4.    Saturday    is my favorite day of the week.

5.  Something totally dumb and ridiculous that I love is    our collection of stuffed bears  .

6.  If I could, I would   build an elevator in my apartment building. Hot damn, four flights of stairs is a lot    .

7.  I rather like    going for a manicure and pedicure, even if my manicure chips within 30 seconds of me leaving the salon. I just love feeling pampered. Speaking of, homegirl needs one stat. Anyone wanna go with me?   .

And now...for the tour!
office-ish space.
couch! which fit perfectly! thank goodness.
our dining area.
a snippet of our bookshelf, which is to the right of the tv.
the only thing worth photographing in our bathroom...
the lovely galley kitchen.
where i would like to spend most of my time...
our new duvet reads "love is all you need." :)
my vanity. i have a bucket under my bedside table with
my hair dryer, curling iron, makeup, etc...
oh herro!

my bulletin board (and 1/2 marathon medal!)
the awesome print i won from fifi du vie (c/o april, maybe)
the rest of it.
So there you have it! Our lovely new place. It feels a lot more like home than our last place did. Everything is much more open and cozy. Even though my laundry is five flights of stairs away.

I'll leave you with a few random shots from our party last Saturday. It definitely was a blast.
What are you all up to this weekend?

Also: today is my sweet, sweet momma's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! You da best. I've got treats comin' home tomorrow. Ruvya.


  1. LOVE the new place! and especially that duvet- so sweet!!

  2. What a lovely new apartment! I love the decor and the party looked like so much fun! How do you manage groceries up 4 flights of! And I agree, I don't know how people sleep with their make-up just sounds horrendous! So glad discover your blog and enjoy your upcoming DC trip, it is one of my favorite cities!

  3. I love your new place! That shower curtain is adorable and so is the duvet!! I also adore the beautiful green picture frame!

    Happy Birthday to your momma!!! :)

  4. yeah. i'll be over in five and we can go get our mani/pedis.
    if only, if only....

    i loooove your apartment. the couch!! and the white kitchen cabinets?! i died. it's so cute.

  5. Cutest duvet ever! Love the shower curtain equally. Also, awesome desk!

  6. I love it!!!! The place looks so good! I love your style, and the space! And I love the frame you put the print in. Yay! You look beautiful at your party, too. <3

  7. ahh your apt is so cute!! i love your shower curtain and that precious red and white striped chair thing in the office area!!!

  8. Literally almost bought that same bedspread-- the saying on it was just too sweet :) The new place looks fab!! xx

  9. I never wash my makeup off before I go to bed :( I need to get on that!

    PS: your new(?!?!?) apartment is super cute!

    Happy Weekend! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  10. AAAAAAAa, I was looking forward to these pictures!!!

    Your apartment is adorable. For the reals. I totally want to hang out there. And I love that duvet! Where is it from?

    You save your ticket stubs, too! I have all of mine in drawers or storage boxes.

  11. I LOVE IT!!! Especially the red couch, romantic duvet, and general airy, open feeling of your home. So cuuuuute. Have a lovely Saturday (your favorite day)!

  12. Totally adore the shower curtain and the quote on your bed! Super cute!

  13. How ADORABLE is this little home of yours! LOVE that duvet cover! Found you through The Little Things We Do- loving your blog! :) Happy weekend!

  14. I love your bulletin board! Nice idea!

  15. OMG love your place lady! I wish i could go get mani/pedi with you!! Have a great weekend and happy bday to your awesome mama!

  16. Thanks for sharing your GREAT new place! That is the most adorable duvet I have ever seen. I also love the sign about it being a great day to look at while you're getting ready in the morning. Where is your gorgey pink floral top/dress in your party pics from? Adore it.

  17. Nice place!

  18. I'm jealous of your life. and your duvet cover.


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