fill in the blank friday

I must say, for a short week, this week has felt like it's been going on forever. I'm glad it's donezo now.

Fill ins!

1.   Somewhere someone is     picking their nose. Boom  .

2.    Pinterest      is my muse.

3.  It would suck if    99 cent pizza dough    was no more because,    I would be without my favorite form of carbs and then the boyfriend and I couldn't have regular pizza parties  .

4.    Bagels    are my favorite thing about today.

5.  Life is kind of like     a rollercoaster. Things go up. Things go down. Then they go back up. Sometimes you get sick to your stomach. Sometimes you laugh your tush off. At the end, it's a super fun ride  .

6.  If I could have anything I wanted I would want    a home. That I own. Oh, and no more student loans    .

7.  A funny thing happened the other day...    a man walked into me on the T the other day just as the train started to move and I nearly fell over in front of the whole train, and he didn't even stop to say sorry or to help me find my center of balance again on this moving vehicle. Oh wait. That wasn't really funny. That was really embarrassing and somewhat dangerous. Mah bee   .

This week's been kind of funny. I've called Comcast more times than I want to share with you guys, and we have a technician coming out today to fix this stupid stuff. And then fingers crossed I will never ever have to call them again.

We're having our apartment-warming party this weekend, and then I can finally share pictures of the space with you all! I wanted to wait until people saw it in person before I shared it with the world. I can't wait!

And Sunday is the Boston Rendez-Vous and I am so excited to finally meet some of my favorite bloggers :)

Oh, and have you "Liked" the Team Boston Low-Car Diet video? Help a sistah out! Go on over here!

What are you all up to this weekend?


  1. sounds like a great week! love the sunflower picture...vaseline is awesome in the back!

  2. I'm totally randomly going to Boston next Wednesday for a conference (Society for Psychophysiological Research, which I'm sure just makes you super sad you're not going)! I'm completely terrified of public transportation I've never been on (aka the T...and getting from the airport to the conference hotel...).

    Just stopping by for Fill in the Blank Friday!


  3. I hope your internet gets fixed soon!!! And that you have a beautiful apartment warming party! I can't wait to see photos.
    Have fun at the meet-up! I'm so jealous. I want to have fun with other bloggers!! haha

  4. So. Today.
    Waited in line at Comcast for an hour. for 50 minutes of that hour, it was the same 2 customers arguing with the workers. Then one of the workers got up and went on their lunch break. While the line of people waiting an hour was extremely long. Finally, I got my turn, only to find out that my ASTRONOMICAL bill can't be brought down any, even if I get less channels, cause there's no "deals" right now.
    Made me think of you. Also gave me severe anxiety I was so ANGRY.

    Woohooo almost Sundayyyy

  5. that flower is BEAUTIFUL and amen to no more student loans!!


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