#lowcardiet: wrap up + voting!

Aaaaah it's finally here!!!!! Our finished video for the Boston Zipcar Low-Car Diet team!!!

It. Is. AMAZING! The editing team did an awesome job with all of our footage and created the BEST video. Have a look!

Did you guys like it? So here's where I'll need your help: the voting! Head on over to Boston's LCD page and click the "Like" button (Facebook style!). That's it! One time only, and it doesn't even hurt.

Doing the Low-Car Diet was definitely an adventure for me, especially since I've been relying on cars and driving myself places since I was a teenager. But now, I've learned all of the awesome ways to go car-less in the city, and I'm helping the environment by lowering my car use. You guys have all been super supportive during my month without my car and even after as I've kept up the low-car lifestyle. And I absolutely LOVE hearing that you guys are doing the same.

So please, help a sistah out. Vote for Boston!


  1. ahh i love it!! congrats on finishing and conquering your bike!!!
    ps. voted!! :)


Oh, herro there.

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