more birthdays, all around

This weekend was a big birthday weekend. Both my mom and E celebrated big days. I went to celebrate on Saturday with the boyfriend and spent a few hours with three little rugrats crawling all over me. It was more fun than I can describe. I love playing with them and listening to them talk and watching them walk and dance. Crazy cats.
We had a great dinner, and then it was time for presents. E got a whole lot of awesome, including an American Girl Doll. She was very excited. We got my mom her very own flat screen TV. I think she was excited for it.
It's so fun to see these little kids grow up into little people. It wasn't too long ago that E didn't have any hair, L couldn't walk and O...well...O wasn't as verbal. It's crazy how quickly they grow up. E is three years old now. Life is just flying by.

Is there any way we can slow them down? Anything I can do to keep them this little forever?


  1. they always grow!!! but its seriously so fun to watch!!

  2. Oh my goodness. Adorable photos. Amazing how time flies, huh?


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