(almost) wordless wednesday

It's Wednesday. Half-way through the week. My phone is still malfunctioning like that's its job, and I got sick last night. So rather than bore you to tears with my whiney problems, here are some photos I took from a recent brunch trip to The Haven, a Scottish joint, in Jamaica Plain.
Unfortunately, our service was sub-par and we waited an hour to get our food. Which was lukewarm when we got it. Sigh. We were there on a Groupon, so I won't hold it against the restaurant. Maybe we'll go back so the boyfriend can try some haggis.


  1. Ack, malfunctioning phones are the worst! Hmph! Hang in there. ;)

  2. no haggis and no scotch whiskey? come on!

  3. oh no :(

    feel better NOW (unlike those rude people who tell you to feel better "soon".. I'm the true friend here.)


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