dear friends

Now while seeing all of the sights and scenes of DC was amazing and lovely, the real reason we visited the nation's capital was to visit friends. Dear friends.

We saw some of my friends from when I lived in DC during the summer of 2008 (and if you take a look at that site, you'll see that I'm still the face of IPJ. Awesome.).I hadn't seen any of these fine folks in three years. Three. That's so long. Too long.
Honestly, it sort of felt like we hadn't been apart. You know those friends who you never skip a beat with? Those are these friends. IPJ class of 2008 has a very special bond. And I'm so glad I got to see a handful of them.

We also went to see some of the boyfriend's friends. A warm, welcoming group who made me feel like I was just a part of the gang.
Our night out was...well...amazing? Hanging out in a bar at the top of the W Hotel overlooking all of downtown DC was breathtaking. And sort of makes me want to move back. Like now. DC's just got me twirled around its little finger. Ever felt like that about a city? Like you'd do anything to be back there? Just to get another moment? Yeah. That's DC for me.

But I'm glad I got to share this experience with the boyfriend.
In our nearly two years together, we've explored a lot. And we're itching to see more. Soon. Any suggestions on where to go next (on the cheap)?

All in all, DC is amazing. If you get a chance to go, GO. You won't regret it. Plus, any place that can make me this happy... amazing.


  1. Aww..I love visits with friends and of course DC is awesome!

  2. You already know I love this! :D

  3. DC is such a great place! I've only been once but I just had so much FUN.

    Glad you had a great trip and got to spend it with great people...

  4. Well, aren't you two just adorable! Quit being so frigging adorable!! :D

  5. D.C. is so much fun, and it's awesome that you got to see your friends! Looks like you had a great time!

  6. DC is one of my favorite spots in the country. xo

  7. ah that seriously looks so fun!! I have never been to DC before... but we are hoping to go to seattle on our honeymoon... does that count? haha!

    sorry i have been an awful bloggy friend and been MIA i have an epic blog but my mommy took pictures and she WOULD put the most awful pictures up on facebook for me to steal... so I have no topic haha!! #badblogger

  8. Give me that leather jacket, you too-cutie patootie.

  9. Love D.C. It's one of the cities that I'd love to end up in. The bf and I had a fab time in New Orleans and got great deals. The bf is constantly researching deals for long weekends and we often get great prices for random weekends in off-peak times. :)


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