happy birthday, baby blog

I can hardly believe it: the saga of a twenty-something is one year old today. Three-hundred and sixty-five days ago, I wrote my first blog post to my Tumblr account. Gradually, it became a daily hobby, I moved over to Blogger, bought my domain and now I have business cards for my baby blog.

What a year it's been. I've been documenting nearly everything that's gone on in my life through this here little blog. It's my digital diary; my twenty-something yearbook. It's chock full of memories of happiness and sadness, triumph and defeat, and a hell of a lot of recipes.

Happy birthday, baby blog. Thanks for helping me realize how amazing my life is.

So here's to you, my little labor of love.
chocolate ganache cupcake from georgetown cupcake. 
go on... 
...you know you want it... 
See, you can have your (cup)cake and eat it too.

Oh yeah, and thank YOU, lovely readers, for joining me on this journey. It's not perfect, but hey. I like it. And I'm glad you all do too.


  1. Aww happy blogiversary to one of my favorite daily reads!!

  2. AWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!!! You rulez.

  3. happy anniversary!!! Here's to another year of your words/adventures and always more cupcakes :) (cuuuuute pics!)

    i'm so glad to have met you through april and our "pampered swap!" xo

    ps. panda? i'm intrigued! :)

  4. Wohoo! Cheers for many more wonderful posts and yummy cupcakes. ;)

  5. Happy blogaversary! I want your cupcake.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BLOGLAND BIRTHDAY!! Love the sequence of pictures--they are perfect. :)

    Thanks for sharing and writing and being YOU all over the Internet.

    BIG hugs!!
    And a doble high-five!


  7. That looks so good. I want it now.

  8. what? you have business cards? I need to get in on this action...

  9. Awww, yay! Happy Birthday to your blog! I'm sure it feels great to look and see all you've done in just a year :)

  10. THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. I'm so happy you bought your blog a birthday cupcake. <3 you!

  11. ahh yay!!! happy birthday little bloggy blog!!!

  12. So exciting! Congrats on a year! Loved reading along and look forward to another year :)

    xo, Cassandra

  13. happy blog day! so cute that you got yourself a cupcake!


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