photo not reflective of my mood as of late
Lately, I've been feeling pretty lethargic. Perhaps it's a reflection of some of the things going on in my life right now (which, thankfully, are about to change), or perhaps it's because I'm starting to wake up before the sun comes up and I'm leaving work when the sun is setting. But I've just been feeling so...blah. There's just been a lot of sleeping going on here. Naps. Key.

Life with the iPhone has been significantly better than with the malfunctioning BlackBerry. More love on that to follow.

Oh, and in other news, my missing Birchbox finally came. Apparently, my October Birchbox was delivered but I never saw it. It just disappeared into the abyss. Or, you know, someone stole my box. The latter is more likely. I tweeted at the lovely folks, and they oh-so kindly sent me a new one.
I'm very excited to give you all a review of the awesome stuff I got.

Last week we went out in the North End to Bacco and had some delicious desserts after an equally delicious meal.
And this weekend was our dear friends' baby's baptism. She's just a doll.
So there's life lately.

How've you been?


  1. Oh that pesky sun, always taking breaks come fall and winter :/ It does get tough getting up before the sun and getting home after it's gone. Come beginning of January the sun rises at 8am and sets at 4:30pm. This is clearly why my entire city is addicted to coffee :)

    Questions about the Birchbox...worth it? I've seen it around the blogosphere a bit and it's starting to peek my interest. Looking forward to the review (and glad you eventually got your Oct box!)

  2. I know how you feel, blah blah blah!! Hmph. :( Now off to do more homework, when all I want to do is lay in bed all morning. I totally have all night to work, I should be in bed right now! (But no, I will go work so hopefully I can be in bed tonight. haha)
    Can't wait to see what you got in your birchbox. Totally didn't do a post on mine this month. . . lol

  3. Oooh what's a Birchbox? Can't wait to find out! Hope you begin to feel better too by the way, it may be the shift in weather. Whenever it turns from Summer to Fall I feel like that also for awhile.

  4. My sister gets Birch Boxes too and she is OBSESSED with them!! I am excited to see what the big deal is!!

    ps. have a good week friend :)

  5. I'm lethargic too! I felt like I was walking under water last night when I got out of class. I LOVE my new job but.... I really need to get used to this new schedule. Waking up at 5am, the long horrible commute into Boston, work 8:30 to 5 then off to class until 9pm then the commute home! I must be crazy :) But hey, I have weekends now. Weekends where we can go to bakeries and such. So it'll be worth it. We can be lethargic together.
    And that baby... soooooo pretty!

  6. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so bleh. I definitely know how that goes. I do agree it may be the shorter days...there is someting so depressing about waking up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark...sigh.

    On a happier note, congrats on the new iphone (sooo addictive, right?) and your friend's baby is an absolute DOLL! :)

    I hope your week gets better! xoxo

  7. SO glad you got your birchbox.

    And WHAT is going on lately? I have been feeling the exact same way. if only I had the time for naps. sigh.


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