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Random streams of thought...
There are few things more beautiful than looking at the clouds from above.

I'm signing up for another half marathon. I'm excited.

I'm also ridiculously nervous that I'm going to embarrass myself by getting a worse time than my first half.

I need to step up my running game.

Dealing with death is difficult.

Watching those you love deal with death is even more difficult.

Sometimes I get overly emotional.

I get worried that my life is stuck.

I worry I'm not good enough.

Sometimes I annoy myself with these stupid thoughts. Shut up self. You're awesome.

I'm awesome.

Sunrise is a beautiful thing. When I can wake myself up to see it.


  1. You ARE awesome. And you'll kick your second half marathon's butt!!!

  2. I second Bridget.

    Also.. I have a love affair with the sky when I'm on a plane. Seriously.. it's one of my favorite things.

    Let's fly together?

  3. Death sucks I agree.
    But clouds up above are the most inspirational things.
    You are awesome.

  4. do baton rouge beach with me....
    k thanks bye :)

  5. Your are AWESOME lady! Always remember that! We all worry ourselves with these things but you just got to stay positive and keep going!


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