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On Thursday, the boyfriend and I went on a date. Dinner and a concert. Clearly, I was in it for the food.

I kid, I kid. HOWEVER, we all know I love delicious food. It is a well-known fact. I generally like to plan my days based around where my next delicious meal will come from. This was no exception.

We went to Bon Chon in Allston for the Korean fried chicken. We saw it featured on Phantom Gourmet one Sunday morning, while we sat recovering from a night on the town. The video featured crispy, crunchy fried chicken, and I knew we needed to go there.

Thursday was our chance.
We immediately ordered the fried chicken when we got there. Sometimes it can take a while to make it, depending on how busy the kitchen is, so we made sure that order was in before we looked at the rest of the menu. We did a half and half soy garlic (for me) and hot sauce (for him).
The chicken came out in less than 10 minutes. We also enjoyed some Japanese beer while we scarfed down chicken.
We also ordered a sashimi platter and some pork buns. You can definitely make a meal out of the chicken, but I'd suggest ordering some other delectable treats from their menu as well.
So really, you need to go there. Even if you don't live in Boston, I think you should fly out here just to get it. And call me. Because I'll totally go with you and help you nom some chicken.

Bon Chon, Allston
123 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
Delivery: 617.254.8888


  1. yum yum! (Even though I didn't eat meat...)

  2. Sapporo && sashimi are my life! This post made me crave both right now :)

    Beautiful blog you have over here by the way. Will definitely be following.


  3. Oh how you tease me with these photos. I HAD SOME GOOD FOOD IN AUSTIN, OKAY? HOW ABOUT THAT?!?!

    Don't read this with that previous comment or it's going to look like I'm a crazy person. Which I'm totally not. . . ? haha ;)


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