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I haven't done a "Things I'm reading/watching/listening to" post in a while, right? You guys like those, right?

Let's do another.

Fantastically funny read. Sometimes sad, but essential for any lady who feels like she's got a damn lot on her plate. Because let me tell you, Kate Reddy has it much worse. We read it as our first book for our new book club, and I thought it was great.

And right now we're reading my pick...
This is probably my third time reading this book. It's poignant for anyone who's been trying to find themselves. It's hard to find where home is. And Kim puts a lot of what I feel sometimes about figuring out the whole family/home/where do I belong thing. It's not for everyone. But. I highly recommend it. Plus there are recipes at the end of each chapter. Deeeeeeelish.

All you need to know is Gossip Girl is back. And my life is finally complete. This season is so ridiculously cheesy, but a part of me will always love this show. And since the Red Sox aren't in the World Series (sigh), it's the only thing I really want to watch.

Listening to.
We can all thank the boyfriend for these beautiful gems right here. He often sends me videos during the day to listen to, and this was this week's jam. Very pretty. Very quiet. Very necessary for rainy day like the ones we've been having in Boston lately.

So there you have it. What have you been reading/watching/listening to lately? I'd love to get some new suggestions! And maybe your pick will be featured on the next installment :)


  1. Yesssssssss! Love these posts! I am reading I Don't Know How She Does It now. And don't EVEN get me started on GG. I semi hope this is the last season and they end on a high note as I would love to see the two I adore together for good. ;)

  2. I always hear lots of talk about Gossip Girl but have yet to watch it! One day, I may just have to give in!

  3. Yesss finally just bought the book at love it so far, so excited for next month! And lordy I miss me some Gossip GIrl. I have got to catch up soon since I am so dang behind!!


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