fill in the blank friday

Let's get this going, shall we?

1.   My favorite new blog of the moment is     Not new, but a tried and true favorite: Cupcakes and Cashmere   .

2.   Something I am thankful for is   a day off today, and all of the veterans who have fought for our country. Thanks (and thanks for the day off!)   .

3.  Something that made me laugh this week was    a guy in my office who hummed the "Ruff Ryders Anthem" to himself on my first day. Epic  .

4. An item that is currently on my wish list is    a pair of nude pumps and some leopard print flats. Still  .

5.  I am excited about    seeing so many awesome and wonderful friends this weekend. Seriously. I feel like the luckiest gal evah being able to see so many in a few short days  .

6.  If I were a color I would be     yellow. And not just because I'm Asian. But because it's a happy color, and I'm finally moving into that happy place. But maybe a pale yellow for now  .

7.  My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is by    shopping with fun friends while sipping on seasonal drinks from coffee shops  .

So what are you all up to this weekend? Thankfully, the nice weather is going to stay for the weekend, and we're heading out on a little day date tomorrow. Anyone else doing fun things with their long weekend?


  1. It kills me we don't live in the same town. Because going shopping and sipping pumpkin spice lattes with you right now sounds freaking fantastic.

  2. loving this post! such a gr8 idea for a post!

  3. Love your answers! And I'm jealous that you have the day off. For some reason, I don't. :(
    And the shopping and seasonal drinks.. we need to do that. like really. we can hunt down those nude pumps and leopard print flats and pretend that we can afford to buy them. :-)

  4. leopard print flats... OH BOYYYY

  5. Sounds like a good weekend! I'm going. . . to go see Puss in Boots. ;)

  6. I think I need to add those shoes to my wish list too!!!

    Hope you have a great Friday! Xoxo

  7. "yellow. and not because i'm asian."
    hahahahhaha. best.line.ever.
    i'm still searching for a good pair of nude pumps too. it's so hard.

  8. Is yellow an Asian color? haha, it's my favorite!!!

  9. Oh, you are hilarious as always. Yellow? Work it, girl! Way to come out and just call the Asian card. Love it.


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