i need your help

It's high time for me to get a case for my iPhone. I'm very paranoid that I'm going to drop my phone and have it shatter. That would be devastating.

Thankfully, J.Crew has come out with a line of iPhone cases that I'm just lusting over. But I need your help. Which one should I get?
leopard print | $25
metallic glitter | $25
Both are fabulous. I'm leaning toward the leopard since it's more everyday. But the glitter is just so...fun.

Help a sistah out.


  1. glitter. always go with glitter.
    but i like the leopard too.
    so many decisions!!

  2. Both are awesome, but I am partial to glitter. Its so fancy! :D

  3. girl you know i always choose glitter :)

  4. I don't think I even need to say. ;)

    I would caution you (as I have a J.Crew case myself) that the cases seem to be difficult to push the top button down. My older (Kate Spade) case had an opening for the buttons, but the J.Crew ones are covered by the silicon.

  5. i like the leopard! i've been thinking of getting a leopard case lately myself :)

  6. Both are seriously cute but I'm going to go with the leopard!!!!

  7. i love the leopard! I really want an iphone4! new follower diesunddas33.blogspot.com :)


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