Today is my first day at the new gig. It almost feels like the first day at a new school. You know the feeling? You're anxious to just get it started, you're excited for the new challenges and you're nervous as heck that no one's going to like you. And you just have no idea what to wear.

Thankfully, I found an outfit to wear. I mustered up my confidence, put a smile on my face and I put my best foot forward. All I can do is hope for the best and be open to learn as much as possible in these first few weeks.

In honor of my last day, the boyfriend cooked me a delicious dinner of mussels and crusty baguettes. I was in heaven.
Oh, and my girl Mindy's book came in the mail. Read a whole lot of it this weekend, and it's actually making me laugh out loud. Nothing like a good laugh after a long day.
You should give it a read. Amazon's got it on the cheap.


  1. Good luck!!! xoxo

  2. lots of luck!!! i bet evvveryone feels that way when starting a new job! heck...ive been here 3 months and im still worried im not doing everythign right hahah

    have an awesome first day cant wait to hear about it!!


  3. Good luck today! And I so have been wanting to read that book, so glad to hear that it's good! :)

  4. I hope it went well darling, I'm sure it did. :) And those mussels look YUM!

  5. Hope your first week is going well! :)

  6. I've asked for that book for Christmas. Want want want! :)
    Hope your first day went well, love!

  7. Hope you're first day on the job went well Alex!! I'm sure you did great and everyone loved you. :)

  8. i want that book!!!!! i love mindy kaling.


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