My energy is severely lacking this week. I'm trying to adjust to the new schedule of waking up a bit earlier to make sure Toby gets a good run in with me before I head off to work. He's still getting used to his crate, but I'm sure that with time he'll realize it's his space.

Last night, Toby and I got some quality time while the boyfriend was at the Bruins game. We cozied, he slept and I got to watch re-runs of Sex and the City. Fantastic evening if you ask me.

I've been pinning a lot of inspiration lately; mostly to help me figure out what to wear to work and some healthy lunches for me to bring with me. Here's a sampling of them...*

Source: via Alexandria on Pinterest

What's been inspiring you lately?

*Check out the rest of my pins here.


  1. i looove that yellow sweater. gimme.

  2. I like those outfits, and your night with Toby, and those delicious looking meals. I can't think of anything else to say. . . I guess FB is ruining me. *like!


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