thanksgiving: the people

I love spending Thanksgiving with the boyfriend's family. They're so warm and loving, and there is always something to talk about. Plus, we brought Toby for his first Thanksgiving, and he was a hit with everyone :)

the night before turkey day, preparing and playing with pups
lots of Toby time, brothers (in law) and family.
Can't we have Thanksgiving every week? Seriously? Plus, three day work weeks are da bomb dot com.

Is anyone else still in a turkey coma?


  1. i vote for thanksgiving every week, fo sheezy.

  2. this week has been SO hard to get back in my studying/school routine. Bring on Winter break!

  3. thanksgiving every week would be like heaaaaven. no work or school are the greatest things ever.

  4. I love all your photos! And I think I would weigh 700 pounds if Thanksgiving was every weekend. Christmas on the other hand...


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