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So I've been trying to build up my work wardrobe. Slowly, but surely, I'm adding new pieces that I can incorporate into my work style and my weekend style. But sometimes I think I'm still missing some things.

Like leopard print flats...
LC Lauren Conrad flats
...and nude pumps.
Nine West Ambitious pumps
But I just have to know: What are your work wear essentials? Early next week, I'll pull together a post of what you all say. So let me know what you're wearing!


  1. Polos, cardigans, plain long sleeved shirts, and sperrys! Pretty boring huh? No worries though I don't wear the long sleeved shirts under the Polos hahaha!

  2. I don't think you want to know... Sweaters, jeans, sneakers, boots, flats, and really fucking expensive jewelry that I got back when life was grand.

  3. Lots of cardigans in interesting colors and cuts, chunky necklaces, pencil skirts, sweater vests, and purple shoes. I have purple pumps, purple booties, purple flats and even some purple Asics for casual Fridays. :)

  4. Oh, and I have nude pumps on my wish list too!

  5. Leopard print flats, for sure! My work wardrobe doesn't really have to be in existence anymore, technically:-) BUT, I can still have some cute mama-work style! xoxo

  6. Oh gosh, my interview for TFA is next Tuesday and I seriously need something to wear. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA DO! Wahhhhhh.

  7. I have a pair of nude flats with black captoes that I wear a lot, but have put away my nude pumps until non-tights weather is back. I wear dresses, tights, flats or boots pretty much daily. My essentials are: plaid wide leg cuffed pants, Gap slim cropped pants, long-sleeved tees and turtlenecks for under dresses, fun blazers to make jeans more Friday appropriate, and lots of scarves! ;)


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