2011: a recap

Holy crap. It's almost 2012. It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was writing this post. I can't believe it's been a full year. What a crazy and exciting year it's been. So many things have changed, but so many things have stayed the same and gotten better.

Let's see...

January we rung in the new year in New Hampshire...
...we had a million feet of snow (it felt like it was snowing a lot every week), and we went to Foxwoods for our dear friend's birthday.

February was filled with love and birthdays. Craig turned 24, O turned 5 and L turned 1. Big year.
birthday babez.
And we saw Joshua Radin. Awesome.

March was a quiet month, though I did experiment with red lipstick for the first time...

April had us taking our first vacation together, which was fun and relaxing.
It also featured me quitting the Gap after almost four years of working there. I think that was the biggest relief for me. I felt a lot of guilt leading up to it, but it was important for my mental sanity that I do it. Amazing. I also started Pure Barre, saw Iron & Wine, and wore an awesome yellow dress.
May, I turned 23. Oh man. It was a great birthday. I also ran my first real race (Harpoon 5 Miler!) and got hooked on running. Oh, and I saw Guster. And I cried.
June was a big month. Craig's sister got married and the wedding festivities were just so much fun.
We also saw Dispatch. Amazing.

July was hot and sweaty. I went to Chicago for my first work trip, celebrated the fourth of July with friends and finished up training for my half marathon.

August was a big month. I got my baby DSLR, ran 13.1 miles in the pouring rain and prepared for our move.
We also saw John Butler Trio in concert. Seriously, it was the year of music.
September, we moved to our new apartment! Joy! I battled with Comcast, we had our house warming party within a week of moving in and my mom and E celebrated birthdays.
October was a huge month for me. I quit my first full-time job out of college. It was a big step in making myself happier. And I'm so glad I've been blessed with such amazing experiences within my career. I switched from BlackBerry to iPhone and we traveled to our nation's capital.
We also dealt with death for the first time as a couple. It was sad, but it showed me how powerful and moving family can be.

November I started my new job. I've often felt like the new kid, but I feel like this is a great fit for me. We celebrated our two year anniversary and our  second Thanksgiving together all on the same day. We also adopted Toby, one of the best things of 2011.
And then there's December. We saw Chad Stokes twice in one weekend, I got sick for close to three weeks (boo) and we celebrated our third Christmas and Hanukkah together.
What an amazing year 2011 has been for me. And, one of the greatest things, I've gotten to know so many of you. You all, my wonderful readers, are an amazing group of people. I'm so glad to be a part of such an awesome community.

Thank you all for making 2011 such an awesome year.

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you all ring in 2012 in style.


  1. First of all Alex, Foxwoods? Are you shitting me? No Mohegan Sun? Ugh! Secondly, you had a pretty bad ass 2011. I suppose I should do one of these posts but mine will be more like "i worked...a fucking lot..." haha.


    Sad faces galore that I won't see you until next year. But that's in like two days so it's not that bad.

  3. I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog this year. I wish you a very happy 2012!

  4. You've had an amazing year full of great changes! So happy for you :)

  5. That Yellow dress is INSANE i mean get in ma closet now....like right now! So happy for your 2011 you did good girl!
    Happy New Year doll!

  6. Sounds like an amazing year! ;) But you forgot something. . . + Became blog friends with April, and it was most important relationship of my entire life. There, that's better!! ;) haha I kid, but for reals, I'm so happy to have "met" you this year!

  7. Love it!! Happy New Year lady, here's to an awesome 2012!! xoxo

  8. So glad you had such an awesome year! I hope 2012 has even more amazing things in store for you! :)

  9. I am OBSESSED with that yellow dress. Obsessed. Work it, girl!


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