my heart is full

Life is pretty good with these two boys in it.
My heart feels so full. It's such a wonderful holiday feeling.

Happy Monday, all!


  1. aww, this post makes my heart happy. i am so happy you're happy.

  2. did toby start taking modeling classes? he is getting more and more photogenic by the blog!

  3. SO SWEET! Seeing Maisy and Doug snuggling together makes my heart melt. Puppies and boys....good combination :)

  4. That is very cute! It's great to be surrounded by people you love especially during the holiday season.

    I will be attending the Boston Blogger event on Wednesday and notice that you were on the RSVP list. I thought I would swing by and check out your website in advance. If you see me mingling, please do not hesitate to say hello!

  5. Your new little addition is absolutely flippin PRECIOUS. :) Dogs make my heart so happy!


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