samuel adams

On Saturday, we went to the Samuel Adams Brewery for a tour (and, you know, some beer). We went in the morning, since the tours book up quickly. We managed to get a tour before noon, which some might say is lush territory, but I think it's perfectly acceptable.
It was a great day to enjoy some time with friends from out of town. Brewery tours are fun, and the Sam Adams one is free (plus, you end the tour with three samples of different beers). All in all, a great morning.


  1. booze in the morning is always a good thing, ESPECIALLY when it's free!

  2. Yum! What a great start to your day and weekend :) I've never done a brewery tour, what a shame!

  3. it is on my to do list to do a brewery tour! they have free ones locally here at the Leinenkugel's brewery. have you heard of that beer before?

  4. Cannot believe I still haven't done this tour-- looks too fun!!


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