This weekend was amazing. We had friends in from New York, and we did lots of fun Boston things (and I even found a dress from the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection for supah cheap).

However, this weekend, I also lost my voice. It disappeared. Gone. My throat was aching from trying to get people to hear what was left of my voice while we were out on Saturday night. And now I'm exhausted.

So while I sit here and drown myself in this...

...why don't you tell me about your weekend?


  1. homey, you know what i did. sorry you lost your voicey! oh and im going to dm you my # because i think we've reached that level.

  2. losing your voice is no fun. but at least you'll get the awesome scratchy voice when it comes back. that's my favorite part about being sick. sexy, scratchy voice. yeaaauh.
    but i hope you get better soon and have a good week.

  3. Aw, poor baby. :( I went to see the Muppet movie. Again. Worked - it was CRAZY, every patient was late for their appointment and all the doctors/patients were just super pissy. And then I got a little drunk. Wahoo! haha

  4. booooo on your voice leaving!!! I went to see the movie my week with marilynn... umm it was okay ha! oh an I ran a half, no big deal

  5. I sat at home with a sick baby and got sick myself. Boo to exhaustion.


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