2012: expectations

Hello, 2012.
It's so lovely to see you. I'm so glad I got to ring you in with some dear friends, dancing around in dresses and our stocking feet. You seem like you're going to be a blast. I've also got some big plans for you...

2012 resolutions

As always, drink more water. I do drink a lot, but I know I can do better.
Run for fun.
Pour more of my heart into my blog. Maybe some more vlogs? You guys seemed to like those.
Photograph more.
Pick and choose my battles more carefully.
Chase my dreams more freely (this includes taking ballet classes!).
Cook more. For realz. This will happen.
Be Alex.

Small things. Manageable tasks. I think that's the way to look at the new year.

What are some of your resolutions?


  1. Not to be a little bitch. That's one of my resolutions. And to cook one new thing a week. And to be myself more. Everyone can suck it. The end. Love you friend!

  2. Happy New Year!! Thanks for the reminder to drink more water - I need to work on that as well! Hope 2012 is wonderful for you :)

  3. OMG, Ballet!! That's AWESOME! I am going to bug you until this happens, fyi.

    Happy brand new year, Alex!

  4. Oh, yes! I already think you look a bit like a ballerina, so you should definitely take some classes! ;)

  5. happy new years lovely! xoxoxo

    C | www.linenandleaves.blogspot.com

  6. hahahah, christin makes me laugh.

    also... do a vlog. mines goin up tomorrow. sheeeesh.

  7. I was really hoping the resolution starting with "pick" was going to end with "my nose more often".

    Alas.. can't win em all.

    Cheers to the new year, Alex! Let's be bestest friends in 2012.


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