big girl things

Last night I filed my tax returns. It feels like a giant monkey is off of my back. Now I'll sit anxiously until my return gets deposited into my account...

I feel like something of this magnitude deserves a glass of wine. Taxes are hard. Or is it just something I need to just suck up and deal with? Like a big girl.

Growing up feels weird. Like I'm a little girl playing in my mom's closet.

Is everyone feeling that way?

In unrelated news, my hair appointment is tonight for highlights. Follow along on Twitter for some real-time updates and pictures.

Oh, and some great faces to end this (random) post on a high note...
Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Um, I hate filing my taxes. The end.

    Actually, federal taxes are pretty's the pesky state ones that confuse the heck out of me! I never know what school district I'm in!!

  2. I filed my taxes this week too! Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than finishing my taxes months before everyone else. I will take my adulthood in baby steps, thank you very much.

  3. Yea that's what my mom is for. And could your nieces be any cuter? I don't think so.

  4. i can't wait to see your new hair!! i need to do my taxes. thanks for the reminder. even though i haven't graduated yet, i feel like i'm not old enough to be this old.

  5. Taxes are hard, but the reward (most of the time) is worth it! So pour yourself that glass of wine and celebrate!


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