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First, I just need to thank you all. Thank you everyone who commented here, messaged me on Facebook, tweeted me and Gchatted me about my post yesterday. It's so amazing to know that I'm (we're?) not alone in these feelings. They're universal, and I know that everyone can get through these feelings in our own individual ways.

It's crazy how this blogging world works. I've built so many amazing relationships with people who I've never actually met. It sounds creepy, but it's true. I love talking to you guys, and I love that we've created this sort of awesome community.

Craig said to me the other night that when you build deeper relationships with some bloggers, it's sort of like having a penpal. You've never really met them, but you write them. Only now we don't put pen to paper. We text, we Gchat, we comment on each other's blogs and we email. It's amazing how technology can make us that much closer to each other.

So thanks, everyone, for being in my life. For continuing to be in my life. For being generally awesome.

You guys are the best :)

No fill ins today, since Lauren had her sweet beeb this week.
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Happy weekend, everyone.


  1. It's so true. Blogging has "introduced" me to so many people that I've never actually met. Glad to see your blog thriving!! Congrats.

  2. i love that blogging has given you such great relationships xo


  3. Just read the post related to this. I barely get to read posts lately, but I totally understand!! My mom even buys me body wash called "happiness" to cheer me up! Hang in there lady and keep on blogging. :)

  4. It's funny you use the term "pen pal," because I was talking about your blog and another blog to someone the other day, and they said the same thing...that we're all kind of like pen pals. It's cool.

  5. Hugsies!! Speaking of pen pals, I want to send you a post card or something. Can I get yo numbaaa? Can I, can I?? And by numbaaa I mean address.

  6. I just read the post below -- so glad that you are so open in sharing the bad days with us too. Love that honesty. We all get that way, and that's why we need to ban together! :)

    And YES I was in your hood!! I actually was thinking about you! If I were there longer, I would have dragged you off to coffee, but the trip was such a whirlwind of catching up with college buddies/sightseeing. Next time, I'm letting you know in advance!

  7. cute!

  8. So glad that I "met" you though blogging! It is so fabulously wild how many amazing women are out there in the blogosphere. :)

  9. Just reading through your anxiety tag and found this. Candis Jones and I were talking just this week about online friendships. For me, some of mine are deeper than my real life ones. Maybe it's because I'm connecting with people I REALLY get, instead of people who get thrown in my way and are the best choice? It's "weird" but I feel blessed by each one of those online friendships.


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