time is flying

Is it really Monday again? And is it really the end of January already? This year is flying by, already. It feels as though life goes by so quickly, but the weeks feel incredibly long sometimes. What's with this?

I've been inspired by Chobani yogurt lately, and will hopefully be making this sooner rather than later:

I also realized I never posted photos from the Bruins game we went to for our anniversary/Christmas/Hanukkah.

We like to lump together gifts, didn't you know?
Quite the amazing game.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. oh my gosh. greek yogurt, peanut butter, crust and that's it? AMAZING. I definitely have to make this too, maybe for family dinner next weekend.
    I hope this week isn't one of the slow weeks, but I hope you have a good one either way!

  2. So here's the thing, I have never liked yogurt but everyone always tells me that I would actually love Chobani. Have been so nervous to try it but I think that peanut butter yogurt pie would be the perfect introduction to it! Happy Monday lovey :)

  3. i shouldn't have looked at that picture considering how hungry i am. no i have no hope of thinking of anything else.

  4. If you make that pie, expect to see me at your front door :)

    You have no idea how OBSESSED I am with Reese's!


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