a very gossip girl wedding

In honor of the 100th episode of my favorite show, Gossip Girl, and Blair's wedding, I tried to wear a headband yesterday. It was quite the beauty. Pink satin with lots of rhinestones (in a classy way, not a tacky way). I bet you're wondering if you're going to see a picture of it.

You won't. It hurt my head too bad and I had to take it off by the time I got into my office. Whomp.

But the fashion of the night did not disappoint. Not one bit.
Seriously, so gorgeous. And, of course, the drama didn't disappoint either. I know a lot of ladies DVR the show, so I won't spoil anything for you.

But if you did already watch it, grab a cup of this...
...and do tell me what you thought.

Nothing like a good gab fest to get me going on a Tuesday.

Oh, and you see Blair's hair length there? That's how long I want my hair. I'm slowly but surely getting there.

Happy last day of January, everyone. I can safely say I won't be sad to see this month go. I'm excited to see what February brings me! Hopefully good things. And lots of V-day candy.

Clearly, I have priorities.


  1. I didn't watch so I am so glad there was no spoiler! But she looks beautiful!

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  3. Holy Crap the episode was mind-blowing! What do you think will happen???

  4. I LOVED the subtle throwbacks to the first ever episode: like GG's intro to the show and Young Folks playing.

    Is it wrong that I caught those things??

  5. I was glued to my TV last night! First of all, I do not believe G.S. is gossip girl. There's no way she could go so long with using the site as a way to screw over Serena and Blair. I also think Dan needs a haircut (and good shampooing).

    Lastly, Serena's dress was sooooo much prettier than Blair's!

  6. Hardcore agree that GS can't be gossip girl. I actually was not a fan of B's hair. Girlfriend needs more volume as that's what my hair looks like at four o'clock the day after washing it, NOT what I'd dream of for my wedding day. . .

  7. love that show!



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