vlog time!

Oh shoot! It's here!

Thanks for asking so many awesome questions you guys!

Sorry that it's so dang long.

If you watched the whole thing, you deserve a cookie. Or a glass of wine. Or both.


  1. Oh my goodness, you are seriously the cutest thing! Is it weird I was smiling while watching this? haha I loved your answer to how cool you are :) And a cute kissing dog cameo is the perfect ending! Love Toby!

  2. You are so cool, I can't even handle you. Miss you gurl!

  3. OMG, I loved this. You're so cute!! And Toby has got some impeccable timing. So sweet!

    You should definitely do this again! You've inspired me - maybe I'll do a vlog...what do you think?

  4. You are the most precious. Imma so excited you're going to danceee! And such a good decision on waiting till spring. Walking out in the cold after rehearsal is seriously the death of me. Three times a week all winter haha.

  5. how bout two cookies? and two glasses of wine?

    oh snap!

    ps. you are lovely.

  6. You're lucky I love you because you forgot my question!

    Love the vlog.

    Here's my comment, since I "never comment on [your] blog. booooooooooooooo."

    You're welcome.


  7. yyyeeessss.
    best friends forevaaaa.
    i love that you're obsessed with being a ballerina.
    you're so cool.

  8. I'm Sydney obsessed with this.

  9. Im checking of for both thanks!! :)

    I might actually take them while rewatching your post!

    love K

  10. i felt like i was having a conversation with you and i loved it!

  11. It makes SUCH a difference to work with fun people. Oooh--food photographer, great job! I played violin forever, too.

    You've been tagged in a little blogger fun if you'd like to play along. xoxo



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