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I had yesterday off, so I inadvertently took a day off from the blog. Makes sense, right?

I guess I'll get back on the grind today.

I'm in the process of redecorating our apartment. I'm already bored of what I had originally done. I need some medication for my ADD or something.

I'm trying to incorporate more color and light into our living room and bedroom. Our living room is feeling too dark right now, and our bedroom was really monochromatic. So I'm changing it up.

So over the weekend I visited my local West Elm to get some ideas...and walked away with this beauty of a bed set...

SO MUCH COLOR! We've already got that on the bed, and I love it.

Now, for the living room. Here's where I need your expert opinions. What do we think of a yellow rug in our living room?
Our couch is still very red, but I feel like the yellow might bring a great pop of color and brightness into our lives. But keep the yellow and red in mind, because I was thinking either this...
...or this...
...for curtains. Thoughts? I'm just looking to bring way more light into our lives, and our black rug and heavy curtains are not conducive to that.

I hope you all had a good and relaxing weekend, even if you didn't have Monday off. Did you do anything new and exciting?


  1. the 2nd not the first for curtains. you dont want it to look like ben franklin's place.

  2. I agree with christin. If you're rocking the yellow rug and red carpet, gray is a good direction to go. I dig the pattern on them too!

  3. i want that bedspread. and taking monday off from everything is/was the best. if the president's get to party in their graves, i don't have to blog. woot woot.

  4. I love incorporating more color and am way into yellow these days!

  5. I am definitely feeling you on the yearning for new home duds. I convinced myself a new hall color would be perfect (although my home is pretty much all beigey walls) and I painted it orange on Monday! I am now totally not sold on the color, so I am living with it for a few days as I ponder my options. ;)

    What color are your walls? All white? Sometimes drapes that are too similar in color to the wall tend to get lost, so the blue may be a better option.


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