delicious cupcakes

On Saturday, I went to Bianca's humble abode to do some fun girly things: baking cupcakes and photographing baking cupcakes. Duh.

First, I had to take some photos of her awesome matching pets...
Then we started making cupcakes...
And we obviously needed to take some glamour photos...
We're professionals.

Check out Bianca's blog for the delicious recipe! Trust me, you won't want to miss carrot cake chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.


  1. donde esta football cupcakes? but i want one. i love carrot cake.

  2. YOU ALL ARE THE CUTEST. pups included.

  3. Your pets are all so well coordinated. I love it! And seriously, you two are the cutest ever. Evar!

  4. I need an apron :(

    now I'm going to go pout about it..


Oh, herro there.

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