doga + birthdays

A few Saturdays ago, Bianca and I decided it was time to try something different. South End Yoga was holding a yogathon to benefit the Animal Rescue League, and the last class of the day was this thing called doga. Yoga with your dog.

Obviously we had to go.

I thought it would be awesome and Toby would love it. Well, it was awesome, and Toby did love it.

I also walked away with a stress rash. Not really something you'd expect from yoga.

Bianca and I met a little before class started so our pups (she brought Little Greg) could have a chance to sniff each other out before the madness started. Thankfully, they loved each other from the get-go and now they're pack members. Toby's the annoying little brother, in case you were wondering.

There were maybe 12 people in the class, each with their own dog. No two dogs were the same. It was SO AWESOME. I love dogs.

We started with a doggy massage course, and this is where things went downhill for me. Everyone else's dogs were quietly sitting in their laps, happily getting awesome massages from their owners. And what does Toby do? Bark. At EVERYONE. Because all he wants to do is play with all of the other dogs, not get a massage.

I'm pretty positive the massage guy hated me.

I had to get up and bring Toby to the corner of the room to make him quiet down, and that's when the stress rash started. Everyone thought I had a crazy-pants dog who I couldn't control. I just knew it. Everyone thought I was the shittiest dog owner. Ninety-five percent of my body just wanted to cry and leave then. But I stayed.

Thankfully, class was a bit better. Toby barked less, but tried to hump Little Greg a few times. My anxiety levels stayed up, but at least he was behaving better, right?

Oh, and did you know Toby and I are famous from this? Yeah. We're on No big deal.

Here are some of my faves (all from the lovely folks at
Bianca and LG successfully doing dancer together. me and Toby? not so much.
the best photo. ever.
I guess it was worth the stress rash across my chest. Right?

Today's also a special birthday day. It's Craig's 25th birthday! Yaaay!
birthday boy. hard at work.
And it's also O's 6th birthday. Shit. I'm old.
Happy birthday you crazy cats! Love you both to the moon and back.

So anyone doing anything good for the weekend? Talk to me, people.


  1. I want to be best friends with Olivia. Do you think she'd be ok with this?

  2. those pictures are great! doga is definitely interesting. I can just imagine bringing 110-pound Lilly. wouldn't work.. she's SO out of control. My hives would be equal to your stress rash. at least Toby is cute enough to get away with anything :)

    I don't have any definite plans this weekend, but I'm going to look at an apartment tomorrow morning, ah! kind of on a whim but it dawned on me how crappy my current apartment is. so hopefully that goes well! have a good weekend!

  3. Those pictures are adorable! Glad you managed to make it through the class. I can totally understand that he wanted to play. ;)

  4. haha doggyoga. i love that licky-face picture. my dog would die. wolf-malimute. yeah...that's not happening.
    happy birthdays!!

  5. OH EM GEEE, doga is the best thing I've ever heard of. I love dogs and yoga so this just sounds awesome. Except I know that Lola would have behaved the same way, she always goes nuts around other dogs and wants to play so I'm sure I would have been in the same boat as you...but that picture of Toby kissing you is adorable! :)

  6. You are so very famous!!!

    Happy Birthday O!!!

    oh, and happy birthday craig.

    (got those in the order of priority right?) :)

  7. I love that photo of toby licking you and biancas face in the background lol. I've got some blog brunch plans and the oscars this weekend! Happy birthday to craig and o!


  8. Toby is adorable. Unfortunately stress rashes aren't. Have an oh-so-lovely weekend!

  9. alex, seriously doga looks like the best thing ever!!


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