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Up until last week, I had never ever dyed my hair. My hair had never been any other color than it's natural black. This, apparently, is a huge feat. So at the ripe ol' age of 23, I entered the salon for my first set of highlights.

I won the session from Alana's blog, and last Wednesday I went to the Jeffrey Lyle Salon on Newbury Street to meet with Heather. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I'm overly protective of my hair as a result of an unfortunate incident when I was a child. Long story short, I almost drowned when I was sucked into the undertow at a beach. The only way to get me out was to grab my hair. And then my hair came out. I lived, but I had a bald spot. I guess it was worth it? When it comes to coloring, I was really nervous it would fry out my hair and it would never be soft again.

I'm pretty dramatic with my hair.

Anywho, I don't really like letting strangers touch my hair. But when I met Heather, I knew I was in good hands. We talked everything through. She walked me through what she was going to do to my hair. And she assured me I would look natural.
And so it started. It wasn't terribly scary, thankfully. She sectioned off my hair and began working with small sections. Heather and I chatted the whole time about life in Boston, California and blogging. Also, I talked a lot about Toby. Because clearly, I'm incapable of going a day without talking about him.
I was a little alarmed by how alien-esque I looked after the foil was in, but I figured it had to look good. That's why we go to salons, right? To look good? Anyway, after the foil was taken out and a gloss was applied to all of my hairz, Heather washed everything out and blew it dry.

I've tried a thousand times to get photos of my highlights, but they don't show up as well through the lens as they do in person. So if you want to see the finished product, I guess you'll just have to set a date with me. Or pray the sun hits my hair the right way one day in a photo.

If you're looking for good coloring in Boston, hit up Heather. She's got a great eye for color (the brown she picked for me was spot on), and she's stylin' to boot.

What was your first hair dye experience like? And, better question, were you as nervous as I was?


  1. jerk. you know i can't set up a date with you to see your hair. how dare you do this to me! i'm sure it looks great! i always have a hard time finding a stylist who knows the kind of brown i'm talking about.

  2. FIGURE OUT HOW TO SHOW US A PICTURE. haha. I need to schedule my appointment. More accurately, I need to pin down a day I wouldn't mind spending $23 to take a bus to & from the city.

  3. I have never dyed my hair before! i'm too afraid it won't be red anymore if I do. silly? yeah. but that's me.

  4. I'm always so scared to get my hair done, so glad it turned out well for you!

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