Have you ever felt inadequate? Like you just weren't good enough at doing...well...anything? Sometimes it can come in and overwhelm me. It feels like nothing I do is good enough. I just can't grasp things in life, or I'm not a good enough friend. I'm not a solid blogger, and my blog is nothing compared to so-and-so's. Sometimes I just feel like I suck.

But it's not an all-the-time feeling. There are other days where I'll feel on top of the world. I'll remember the awesome things I do and am capable of. I don't know. I guess my feelings just scare me often times. And I'll retreat into myself and just feel so terribly lonely. And I never know what to do with myself when these feelings start. And I start to feel more and more inadequate at life because I simply can't figure out how to handle myself. And it hurts. It hurts me to my soul.

Does anyone else ever feel like this? How do you handle it?

And, you know, so it's not all so sad on a Monday morning, happy belated birthday to my beautiful niece L.
You're such a baller.
And I love you to pieces.


  1. "Have you ever felt inadequate? Like you just weren't good enough at doing...well...anything?"

    All. the. time.

    so while I may not be able to help, know you're not alone. I honestly fight these thoughts daily. I don't have any one skill or talent I am good at, and I know we talked about how blogging makes me feel inadequate.
    however.... I happen to think you're super awesome.

  2. Omigosh, Alex. It's like you snuck into my brain this weekend!

    Sometimes I think it's hilarious how many things I can personally find to feel inadequate about: appearance, clothes, weight, my blog, my job, my future, my intelligence, my apartment, my blog, my photography, my friendships...UGH. It's like a never-ending cycle of stuff to feel BAD about!!

    I know this post isn't fishing for compliments BUT you need to know how amazing I think you are (even from a distance). There's so much about you that is powerful and beautiful and completely unique to you!

    Anyway, I had an experience this weekend that made me feel the inadequacy big time so I'm feeling you. Give yourself a hug for me and remember, you are one hundred percent better at being you than anyone else.

    love, love, love, elizabeth

  3. dude...

    remember how i spent my saturday?

    you are the shit.

    and i love you.

    that's enough for everyone, right?

  4. I totally feel like this somedays too! I think everyone does from time to time...It's totally easy (especially in the blog world) to compare yourself to others, but you just have to stay focused on your own awesomeness and living your own life! xoxo

    ps: and I love your blog btw! :)

  5. we always feel like we're alone in these situations, but it's nice to know we're not. i completely understand what you mean. it can be hard to come out of these funks. especially when the funk makes it even worse.
    i handle it by simplifying life. living less through the screen and more through the people around me. you're amazing. like you really are.

  6. You are not alone girl! I've been feeling like this latley and yesterday I finally had a complete meltdown and I felt a lot better. It always helps me to remeber how blessed I am to have a roof over my head and family that loves me.
    I luv ya girl so chin up!

  7. I often have this feeling too. I am horrible at comparing myself to other people - looks, intelligence, etc...I have no way to make myself feel better except think of the things that make me happy. things other people don't have like my family. hope this helps! :) have a great day!

  8. Hey lady, you're not alone. You're also not inadequate (ask toby, he'll reassure you). Whenever I feel that way, I go to my tree, wander aimlessly in my favorite park, sit down, drink a coffee, and write. I do little things that lighten my soul and remind me of who I am without all of those things that make me feel insecure and inadequate. I hope you can find a way to lighten your soul during those moments, as well. Lots of love!

  9. First of all your niece!! Wow what a beautiful girl!

    Second, inadequate? All the time! I think its something many of us girls can go through. I have to remind myself often to be careful who I compare myself to and know that if I give God my best he will do the rest.
    You are a beautiful soul chica! Hope you realize this! :)

  10. i struggle with feelin inadequate all of the time..i think its something most women struggle with (at least thats what i tell myself) and this is definitely something ive been struggling with more lately for one reason or another..anyway..i feel you girlfriend. and i personally think you are amazing :) xxx

  11. Oh my, I feel like you've been reading my mind! I don't know if it's the winter blues or what, but I've been feeling a lot like this lately.

    I find it helps to give yourself a little break. Take a nap. Read a book you haven't gotten around to. Try out a new recipe. Take vitamins and drink lots of water. Make up an embarrassing little happy dance. ( Yes, I actually do this! )

    I love your honesty & I hope you're feeling better soon!


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