jason wu for target shenanigans

On Sunday morning, I battled through the masses to get my hands on a piece of Jason Wu for Target. I got to my local Target around 7:40 and prayed there wasn't a line. My prayers were half-listened to; there was a line, but it was only about 10 people deep.

I made friends in line, and when I turned around 15 minutes later the line stretched around the building. Well. Shit. A Target employee came out, informed the line there would be zero running allowed in the store and each person would be limited to six items. I could see the greedy hoarders in the front frowning since their plan was foiled. God knows they wanted to be like this couple...
After they let us inside, people started speed-walking to the displays. I got my hands on three dresses and a top and worked my way to the fitting room before a line started.

I walked away with two dresses and a blouse...
I was pretty pleased with myself.

I wore my blouse on Monday to work, but found a HUGE tear down the seam of the back at the end of the day. To say I'm devastated is an understatement, especially since stores aren't getting any more items in and it's not available online in my size. On the bright side, it appears that I'm not the only one with a problem with this blouse. I'm going to try to get it sewn back together since I love the color and the polka dots so much. We'll see.

I'm happy about the dresses though (I carefully inspected those suckers after my blouse mishap). Now it just needs to be spring time so I can wear them without freezing my butt off.

Oh, and Jason, if you're reading this, I'll forgive you for the blouse mishap if you make me a new one. Kthnx.

Did any of you brave the crowds to get your hands on some Wu?


  1. This and Missoni have me thinking of earlier collaborations that were not such a hige ordeal. I mean, if Proenza Schouler did a collection now, would it be as bonkers? It wasn't when they did it. ...

  2. I ended up swinging by a Target in a less than desirable locale yesterday and was able to pick up the one dress that I absolutely had to have and a couple scarves for gifts. It was picked over, but had more selection than the Target near our house, where my roommate stood in line and walked away with only one blouse (not the same as yours and no seam issues yet...hopefully!)

  3. Congrats on your finds! Those resellers make me super sad for all those poor people who just wanted one or two things. :(

  4. Ugh! I would be so upset!! So sorry, but hopefully you're able to get it sewed back together :)

  5. I so wanted to, but I didn't...boo me. I so wanted those exact two dresses you bought though after seeing them online, they're so cute! Xoxo

  6. I got to my local Target a half hour before opening and was able to snag the third spot in line. I got what I wanted most of all, but the people in front of me bought $1000 worth of Jason Wu. To sell on ebay, no doubt. I sincerely hope all of those resellers aren't able to sell anything on ebay and are stuck with all the stuff they scammed actual Jason Wo fans out of.

  7. I didn't bother fighting the lines because I knew my tiny Target wouldn't have a full stock. I got there at 10 & there was nothing left for four ugly shirts in a size XL - my size, but they all looked awful. I did order two dresses online, but they haven't arrived yet. Can't believe that Miami video!

  8. I didn't even know about this until I saw you tweeting about it. haha

  9. hopefully your dresses hold up better. everything looks super cute.


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