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I'm still not ready for this week to start, which sadly means I am not really prepared to write a blog post today. But let's recap things that happened this weekend that caught my eye...

+ First, the painfully obvious: Whitney Houston died. Pardon me while I go blast "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" 8,000 times and mourn. Within hours of the announcement of her death on Saturday, I had heard her songs played twice at the bar, and witnessed at least one girl actually in tears about it. Rest easy, Whitney.
+ Adele made my burst into tears watching her on 60 Minutes and then performing at The Grammys. The girl can do no wrong in my book.

+ I rekindled my love of PopChips this weekend.

+ The newest issue of Food Network Magazine came a few days ago, and it's devoted to chocolate. I hope you're all prepared for me to make (and post about) every single one of them.
So what did you end up doing this weekend? And, more importantly, do you have any big plans for Valentine's Day?


  1. lol, I ate an entire bag of pop chips on Saturday night. In one sitting. oops!

  2. I have that chocolate issue and it MAKES ME SO HUNGRY!!!! I actually have chocolate at my desk right now... surprised it's not completely in my belly.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. hurry up on the chocolate posts. gosh.

  4. this weekend i listened to the whitney houston tribute station on sirius xm and i was dancing in my car to all her awesome songs.

  5. Please tell me you watched the extra features from the 60 minutes Adele feature... you'll love 'em!


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