things i'm loving lately

You guys. I love you guys. Furrealz. Thanks for always reminding me that I'm actually pretty normal and not completely crazypants.

So to lighten things up over here, I'm going to be completely superfluous for a second. I've been trying to get more color into my life, in my interior decorating and in my clothes. I guess I looked around one day and noticed that everything is so dark. So I think that by trying to get more color into my day-to-day, it'll start cheering me up. Let me show you some things that have been catching my eye lately...

...a new jacket...
Source: via Alexandria on Pinterest pants that I'm pretty sure I need in my life...

Source: via Alexandria on Pinterest
...some new bowls so I can start incorporating color into my kitchen...
...oh, and we're starting this book for next month's book club...
I'm so terribly excited for springtime to get here.

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I desperately need to find a book club...

  2. Oooh-I read that book this summer! Enjoy it. :)

    I am hardcore in the market for some absolutely fabulous pink or mint green jeans this spring. I hardcore believe they'd make my life just a little bit better every time I pulled them on. xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness I am wanting a nautical navy jacket like that so badly. And I highlyyy recommend pink pants. F21 has some :)

  4. money, sex and rock & roll.

    but seriously? sleeping.

  5. please, PLEASE buy those cotton candy pants. ohmygosh, please.

  6. I love the pink pants and breafkast at tiffanys... such goodies :)

  7. I love the pink pants and breafkast at tiffanys... such goodies :)

  8. I love the pink pants and breafkast at tiffanys... such goodies :)

  9. I love the pink pants and breafkast at tiffanys... such goodies :)

  10. Zara pants never fit me, but I do love those pink ones! And BTW, you are totally crazypants, but we still love you regardless. ;)

  11. I've been loving EVERYTHING lately -- especially a hot pink blazer from HM! I'm drooling at the thought of it right now.

    BUT I did some math and with my savvy budget skillz and my seriously decreased food budget -- and some Christmas love from Jack -- I can get a camera AT THE END OF MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO the blazer will have to wait until April. Which is fine because it may be on sale by then anyways.

  12. You know...I've never done a What I'm Loving post but after this, I might need to! That book looks AWESOME - you'll have to tell me how it is!

    Lately, I'm loving the weather. It might get crappy again but the sun has been out all day and it's just making me feel so much better about life. AND you definitely need those pink pants.

  13. Oh I NEED those pants!! And that jacket! Blogging makes me spend so much money!

  14. Pops of color is where it's at for spring! All it takes is a tiny little introduction to get your wardrobe and home screaming chic! Awesome inspiration!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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  16. Dude girl, I have that book. I want to read it with you for book club!!!!

    There's this local band that I really like and they just recorded this song and it's a lot of fun! Run-on sentence, for the win! Anyway, I hope it cheers you up. "I don't got aspirations, but I sure got ass.

  17. Those pants are the perfect shade.
    And being a complete Audrey fan I must check that book out. So cool you are part of a book club!

  18. I love the color of those fabulous jeans.


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