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First things first, I did a little redecorating around here on the blog. So...what do you think? Be honest, let me know.

This post is super special to me for many reasons. One being that I consider Bianca one of my real-life best friends (is that ok that I proclaimed that on the Interwebz?). We were real-life-friends-turned-blog-friends, and now we're all around friends. Book club? We do that too (with Emily...duh). And the topic of her post today is very appropriate for both of our lives, and hopefully yours too! Oh, and if you're not friends with her yet, you should be.
Hi there! I’m Bianca from A Lust for All Seasons and I’m super excited that the fabulous Alex has asked me to fill in while she’s enjoying a mini-blogging vacation.

Alex and I have a lot of things in common – we both love coffee, cupcakes, and running. And while that's all awesome, what really brings us close is our mutual adoration (obsession) with our dogs.
My dogs  Peggy Sue and Little Greg (aka PS and LG)  road trippin'!
All my most recent trips have included these two adorable pups. Peggy Sue LOVES the car. (OK – Peggy Sue LOVES everything but she really, really LOVES the car.) Taking her on trips is a complete and total breeze. She just sits in the back, looks out the window (or just stares into space and ponders life), and takes naps. Little Greg, on the other hand, does NOT love the car. He always gets car sick and he's always sad. (I believe this photo was taken about 20 minutes pre-vomit). But he does love vacations so he deals with the pain.

With these two monsters in tow, I’ve definitely learned a few tricks about traveling with dogs. I don’t use seatbelts – which I know people swear by – but I’m always traveling with at least one other person so the dogs aren’t jumping around from back to front. (If your dog DOES jump around, definitely invest in one. Safety first!)

Here are some more suggestions (and must-have supplies!) for car trips with dogs:

1. Before the trip, go on a long walk/run.  You’re about to force your dog to sit still for hours. If they’re tired, they’re more likely to remain calm on the trip.
2. Protect your seats. I always lay down an old sheet or blanket for when LG gets sick – MUCH easier to clean up. Even if your dog doesn’t get car sick, it’s not a bad idea to cover you seats because it sucks vacuuming up dog hairs.
3. Don’t forget a water bowl.  And some extra water. I find LG and PS are thirstier on road trips.
4. Bring poop bags. Pretty self-explanatory – or so one would think. (Rest stops are landmines – it’s pretty gross. I just don’t understand some people. Pick up after your dog!)
5. And treats. LG doesn’t get any (and he doesn’t want any), but sometimes PS needs a reminder to stay in the backseat. She’ll do anything for a treat so it’s always helpful to have these on hand.  
6. Take rest stops. The most common trip that LG and PS accompany me on is to my dad’s place in upstate New York – a 4 ½ hour drive. Pre-dogs, I sometimes did this trip with zero or only one stop. But now, I always stop at least once. It’s good to get these pups moving and keeps them from going stir-crazy. Plus, it’s a chance to give them some water.

So there you go! Hope you fellow dog-lovers found that helpful – and if you have any advice on how to prevent dog car sickness, let me know! (LG would be VERY grateful!)

Oh and for more photos and stories of my dogs – and some other random stuff like cupcakes and clothes – stop on by my blog. I’d love to have you!

Thanks for listening, and thanks Alex for giving me yet another reason to talk about my dogs on the internet!


  1. Well, what did you change:/ about the blog I mean

    and the babies are really cute. Mine loves car too but he gets these urges to sit in the driver's seat and drive+ he is thin so that space between the two front seats is more than enough for him AND we don't get those seat belts in India!

  2. First of all, I love the new blog design Alex! Did you do it yourself? It looks great!

    Second, these are great tips! We always take Lola in the car with us, she's usually pretty good about it...most of the time...ha.

  3. Loving the refresh! It is cute, simple and classy - just like you! And I adore the name Peggy Sue for a dog. So stinkin' cute.

  4. I. love. this. I wish I had pups and could take them on trips with you twoooo :(


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