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Alright, so I might not be going away on vacation this week, but I still decided to take a mini-vacation from the blog. So five lovely ladies agreed to step in and take over for me while I relax a little bit this week and take some days off of work.

First up, we've got my darling blog-turned-real-life friend, Emily. Her blog always has me lusting after something new and exciting, and her sense of style is seriously awesome. She loves glitter, I love glitter. You should meet her.
Morning friends! I'm Emily and I life[style] blog over at so anthro. I'm so excited to be guest posting over here today as Alex is one of my best blog friends :) And I think I was almost as mad as her to hear that her Florida trip got cancelled a few weeks ago. Not kidding. I was a little livid.
Alex should have been sending me this postcard
I also tend to have pretty bad luck when I travel, and I'm pretty good at forgetting essential things so I always make a packing list ahead of time. So while we're on the subject of traveling, here are some of the items I make sure try to make sure I never forget!

[1] Whether it's a big floppy sun hat (like this one by Marley Lilly) for lounging in the sun, a warm hat for chilly travels (and freezing airplanes!), or a baseball cap to throw on whenever necessary, tossing a hat in your suitcase is never a bad idea.
[2] Are we all aware of that tricky little 3-ounce liquids rule on airplanes? And how all liquids must be prominently displayed in a clear plastic bag? Kate Spade's Airline Cosmetic case is kind of amazing. No more Ziplocs for this girl!
[3] Backpack. Enough said. They may make me look like like I belong in middle school (more than usual), but they are my favorite bag to travel with. Love this canvas one from Urban Outfitters.
[4] Remember how the dad in My Big Fat Greek Weddings swore by Windex? I'm like that with Aloe Vera. Sunburn? Fixed. Bug bites?  So soothing. It's a lifesaver, and also comes in travel-sized bottles.
[5] Even if you're not traveling internationally, I still like packing everything in my wallet in a passport case. More room, easier for storing boarding passes, etc. And how cute is this one by Rebecca Minkoff?
[6] Sunglasses. Oh if I had a dollar for every time I forgot these...
[7] I get sunburnt like it's my job (see item #4). Aveeno makes my favorite sunscreen-- it tends to be much less greasy than other brands, and it's super soft on faces.
[8] I am a total tourist (#sorrynotsorry). Bring a camera whenever you travel. You will not regret it. 

What are your travel essentials? I'd love to hear what I'm missing before I head out on any summer weekend trips! A huge thanks again to Miss Alex for having me today!


  1. Oh hii :) Hope you liked it, thanks again so much for having me doll! xx

  2. Great picks and the monogrammed floppy = amazing!!

  3. I love all the picks....the kate spade cosmetic bag is adorable!! I adore Emily!!

  4. Oh I love all of her choices...especially that lovely floppy hat.

  5. Hehe, I just referenced My Big Fat Greek Wedding at dinner tonight. Love that kate spade case!!


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