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Krissy is a real doll. From hilarious posts to awesome destination posts, she's got it all in her blog. Plus we gchat now. I think she's awesome. You all should be friends with her too.
Hi friends(-to-be)! Alex is taking some sweet time away from daily stresses, so you get some quality Krissy time today - lucky you! If you don't already know, I'm Krissy from the short of it. If you are a friend already, you should know two things: 1) I can't imagine my life without travel, and 2) I went on an epic Euro road trip last autumn. It's a stop on that Euro trip that I'm going to talk about today.
An open letter to Colin Farrell:

Colin, you're beautiful, but we can never be together because you hate Bruges and I love it. Like top-3-cities-I've-ever-visited kind of love.

As beautiful as you are, I can't say I've seen that many of your films. I hadn't even heard of In Bruges until a few months ago when friends started bringing it up after they heard I was going to be visiting Bruges, Belgium. After returning home, I got together with a few of my travel companions to watch the movie and say things like, "That's where the two of you played with the swans!" and "I remember when we walked across that bridge!" and "Ohmahgudness! I even have a picture of that same exact bench!"

We did say those things. As promised, we also laughed hysterically. And then, quite surprisingly, we covered our eyes in horror during gruesome scenes where priests, young children and friends were murdered. Colin, I felt emotionally confused over this strange combination. I found myself in a kind of shock after the movie ended, because all I had heard about In Bruges beforehand was that Bruges was depicted beautifully, there were swans, and I would appreciate the humor.

The bloodshed was unexpected, but what also shocked me was you unfavorable opinion of Bruges. "Maybe that's what hell is: the entire rest of eternity spent in Bruges," you say. Really? Seriously? It's obvious you're standing in the same square I stood in when those words come out of your mouth, so I KNOW we're thinking of the same place. I don't get it. What's not to love?!

Didn't the Belgians wave to you kindly while tucking under a bridge on a canal?

Isn't it kind of charming that Belgians claim everything is the biggest, best or most beautiful? Colin, I know someone proudly pointed out what was the tallest brick tower in the world during the 19th century!
The swans? You can't hate on the swans, Colin. Especially not while they frolic around in heaps of golden fallen leaves!
How can you hate a city where more residents ride bikes than drive cars?
Colin, just give me a chance. Let's go back to Bruges, and I'll show you what I saw. Maybe I can make you understand. We can even go to the place to drink the best hot chocolate in the world.


  1. Girl, you rock. Thanks for letting me fill in today! Enjoy your time off :)

  2. LOVED Bruges! I visited while studying abroad a few summers ago and think it is such a well-kept secret of Europe!

  3. I also love Bruges, or Brugge, which is near where my father's family is from. Chocolate, beer, pommes frites, mussels -- what's not to like?

  4. Krissy? I am now obsessed with you. Truth.

    Alex? Why do we not gchat? I'm concerned over this.

  5. YAY! Blog friends in one place today. So much love. And I'm a fan of Bruges and fries and Krissy.

    Ya know, for the record.


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