(not so) wordless wednesday

Sometimes you find a little love in your pho.

Ain't that somethin'?

Also, anyone catch me on the news here in Boston last night??

Yeah, looks like I'm not going to Florida anymore. But at least I'm famous?

So apparently this post isn't wordless. It's got a bunch of words.

Don't hate me.


  1. i want pho and i want to be famous. get out of my head!!!

  2. If I were you, I'd be having such a huge fit. I probably would have whined so much that every single person on twitter would have unfollowed me. I can't believe people who had vacations booked can't even go now. at least you got on the news though? lol

    How is that I've lived here my whole life and had NO idea there was an airport in Worcester? I'm way too sheltered.

  3. No Florida trip? Total lamesauce! That pho, however, is not lamesauce. Looks like I'm getting Vietnamese tonight. There you go again, planning my dinner.

  4. Well you look fabulous in that interview. So there's that. But yeeeah. Would be super annoyed.

  5. seriously, first doggy yoga and now this. you are certainly a buzz in boston news! p.s. I will be in Boston March 25th, lets meet up!

  6. Well, you do look particularly adorable in the video. love your hairdo! But...losing a vacation sucks balls. Sorry!

  7. That Direct Air mess is shit on top of shit, I am so so sorry! Please complain until they fix it >:( But at least you look adorable on the news!!

  8. .. and I'm famous, too. cause we're friends. that's how that works, right?

  9. plz. i could never hate you.

    i'm sorry about your vacation being cancelled! at least you're famous and you looked cute.


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