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There are few things in this life that bug me more than people on the train. In Boston, it's called the T, but I'm sure this could be applied to any subway system in any city. So here's a list of the people who irritate me the most on public transportation. Let's begin, shall we?

People who eat their breakfast on the train. I get it. You're in a rush. Maybe you woke up late. Maybe you need to eat your breakfast at a very precise time. You didn't get a chance to snack on your english muffin with peanut butter before you left the house. Sometimes we have those days. But the last thing I want to do at 7:50 a.m. is watch you scarf that sucker down whilst on the train. Do everyone a favor: Either take the 2 minutes it takes to eat breakfast and do it before you get on the train, or leave it in your bag to eat when you get to work. Stop eating it on the train. Gross.

People who sit too close to you. I have weird spacial issues. This is a known fact. But there is absolutely, positively no need for you to be brushing thighs with me on the train when we're sitting. There's plenty of room. Scootch your ass over. Stop touching me.

People who stand too close to you. Sometimes this is inevitable. We get packed onto the T like sardines 95% of the time, so if you brush up against me when the train comes to a screeching halt, I understand. But if it's packed at normal capacity, there is no reason for you to be touching me. Stop it. I don't like it. No one likes it.

People who listen to music. Without headphones. I feel as though this is self-explanatory. But trust me, it happens.

Talkers. I did not come on the T to make friends. I came to go somewhere. If I have headphones on or I'm reading, I especially have zero desire to speak to you. Leave me alone. And for God's sake, find something to occupy yourself with.

People who read my book over my shoulder. I just can't. It's creepy.

People who engage in PDA. Don't do it. Just don't.

People who smack me in the boobs with their massive totes they insist on keeping on their shoulders. Do the world a favor: Put your damn bag on the ground between your legs or hold it in front of your body. OR even better: Wear a crossbody bag. They're super stylish now, haven't you heard? Plus I don't really feel like getting assaulted by your purse.

That's all I can think of right now. Do you have any public transportation pet peeves?

Oh, and you might have heard...we got an iPad! It's pretty awesome!
Clearly, Toby is our background. We're a little obsessed.


  1. oh my gosh. here we go.

    and this all refers to the actual train, like the MBTA one from North Station:

    -people who get McDonald's at north station and bring it on the train. I can't.. CAN NOT.. deal with that smell, it's like farts in a bag. worst thing ever.

    -people who chow down on their nails and flick them everywhere after they bite them off. I was surrounded by 3 people doing this this morning, no joke, and since it's a strong pet peeve of mine I started having a panic attack. I had to shut my eyes really tight.

    -People who pick at their heads. This is really gross but I can't even tell you how often I see this.

    -When I'm sitting in a seat by myself and there are 90 other seats to choose from and someone always sits next to me. I feel like I have a sign on my head or something inviting everyone to sit there. I just want to sit alone.

    -When a person who sits next to me falls asleep. I get all freaked out wondering how to wake them up so I can get out of the seat at my stop.

    -People who fall asleep and their head starts going all over the place, including onto me. You can't stay awake for the 25 minutes it takes to get home? Are you THAT tired? I don't want you on me.

    -People who have loud conversations on their phone... including one lady who had a full conversation with her boyfriend about how his viagra was working and how long he was going to last now. True story.

    I have more, but I'll stop here. Can you tell I loved this post? lol.

  2. OH MY GOD YES!! Such good timing. SO after I got on the THIRD T (as in I couldn't fit on two before me), I squeezed myself on (rude, but I was late), and then SOME WOMAN (quite large mind you) tries to squeeze on after me! The door clearly is not closing so she just keeps. on. pushing. And is giggling about it!! The nerve.

    And ok I have to add this one: People who just STAND in front of a completely empty seat while the rest of the T is so crowded and I am dyinggg to take that seat but they won't even move away from it. Ok, you're only going two stops, I get it, but if you're not going to sit down, at least move so someone else can have it.

    Oh I'm heated now haha I'm glad we're all in this together! The most perfect post :)

  3. i hate hate hate the subway. hate the subway. i just can't. the people, the smells, the CHILDREN.



    I am obsessed with documenting the weird stuff I see on the NYC Subway: runaway baby carriages, toenail clippers, people eating soup (SOUP! ON A TRAIN! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?).

    The headphones thing times A MILLION. I don't mind reading over my shoulder, unless I'm reading something humiliating like Twilight and I just don't want people to know. But food is the worst. I'm allergic to eggs, so the smell of egg sandwiches in the morning on a hot and crowded train is like Fear Factor: Try Not To Vom On Your Shoes Edition.


  6. Ookk...yes, besides of all of these. People who wear really strong perfumes/colognes. People who fall on you because they don't hold the railing. People who push you and don't excuse themselves. People who leave their papers/magazines/bags on the seat next to them essentially taking up a seat that could be used. Also, the people who sit on the outside and won't let you through to get the inside seat, even though you're carrying a bazillion bags. Those and so much more. Public transit...urgh!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this post!! I remember Sophomore year of high school our class took a trip to NYC. This one girl and her mother (who happened to be a friend of mine) whipped out their leftover Chinese from the night before and started chowing down! At 7:00AM! Besides look at my other friend and laugh, I didn't know what to do!

  8. hahahhaha. i love your list. i don't have much experience with public transportation, but if i did, everything on your list would be on mine. i HATE how some people don't understand the concept of a personal bubble.

  9. The dislike of the "talker" is largely an East Coast thing. Midwesterners loooooove to yap to strangers. Sometimes I will too, if I'm in the mood. I mean, it doesn't really matter, you're never going to see these people again!

  10. Lol, you would hate publically transporting with me. I'm like my mom: "Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet." I agree with Iris, though. It's probably something you see farther west.

    You know what grosses me out on the bus? Sick people. I don't exactly blame them because lots and lots of people have to take public transportation and if they're sick, they're sick. Still...I am a major germ-a-phobe and the person with the real juicy cough and the runny nose is my nemesis. Ughhhh...

    Also...people that smell bad. Scents are a big thing for me and when I have to get squished close to someone who doesn't understand the concept of deodorant or, God forbid, gets a little nightmarish.

  11. Oh my gosh - you've read my mind. Yes, yes, yes. To everything.

    I have a friend, we'll call her Jane, who I occasionally see when I take the T in the morning. Everytime we see each other, I am reading my Kindle and not paying attention to anything else and she always comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder. And then we have to make conversation for the ENTIRE 30 MINUTES that we're on the T together. Like, seriously? We're not that close and I will not be offended if you just ignore me. In fact, I won't even know you're there. And, to make it worse, then I become one of those obnoxious people who make conversation early in the morning on the T. I just can't even handle it.

  12. On the T! Oy. The most inefficient transportation of all time. When I lived in Boston circa 2006, my pet peeve was people who paid with change. Woof.

    I feel ya girl. Hang in there!

  13. im with you on the personal space! i hate it when people creep around, and read over my shoulder, too :P

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

  14. I'M obsessed with Toby and he's not even mine. So I totally get it.

    I took the bus in LA for the first year and a half I lived here. Oh the stories I could share...

  15. Ugh, SO agree with all of them - ESPECIALLY the first! I hate it when people eat right next to me and it's a zillion times worse when it's PEANUT BUTTER. most pervasive smell ever.

  16. Allllll of these things.

    Luckily, eating is strictly prohibited on the Metro in DC, so that's one I never dealt with, but the rest? YES, IN EVERY CITY EVERYWHERE.


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