road trippin'

This weekend, we went on a little road trip...
...I didn't drive, so I got to do things like this...
...while this guy drove...
Three and a half hours in the car makes me feel like this...
...but I felt infinitely better once I got to hang out with this hottie...
New York sure was good to me.

Did you do anything fun?

[P.S. You can find me over here today, talking about things that make me smile]


  1. New York looks like fun.
    I am headed on a road trip in 2 days to Vegas, so I am excited (: But I will be driving ):

  2. Ooo, fun! I'm going to go to NYC (hopefully) next month! Haven't been there in about five years, so I'm way-too-psyched. :)
    xox, giedre

  3. Love road trips! Especially to NY. Love that place.

  4. not driving on road trips is one of the best parts of road trips.

  5. Hi there! found your blog from April's blog where you guest posted. Looks like a fun trip!

  6. Ah lucky you got to go to NY! Had a good weekend...nothing major...but just pretty darn good! :)


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