things i'm loving: boston edition

Over the weekend, Bianca invited me to come out with her to take some photos of our glorious city. She had to do it for work, but it mostly just turned into fun. We traipsed around our beautiful Boston and just enjoyed the scenery and architecture.
boston public garden.
beacon hill. 
I think I want to do this sort of thing more often. What's your favorite thing about your city (or town)?


  1. either before or after improv class.

  2. I love those photos. I take more scenic photos than of people. haha But I think the only city I can think of that I love to snap photos of is Flagstaff. Trains, mountains, snow and... clean air (:

  3. I love these photos! I've never been to Boston, but I'm dying to come visit sometime, it looks beautiful!

  4. I love these photos. I haven't been to Boston since I was two and that needs to change! Especially since you're there, making it even more awesome. :)

  5. AHHH my favorite city!! and you have NO idea how close it is to being my second home, like your going to think what are the odds!! Miss you and B

  6. This looks like fun! I like walking around the downtown area here. But it's only like two whole blocks so it takes like 10 minutes. . .

  7. Ah. I was only in Boston for a day. But somehow I miss it? I'm thinking a trip northeast is due soon...

  8. i live in kansas city and my fave place is the plaza - tons of shopping and good food!


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