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It's been months since I've done my last "things I'm reading/watching/listening to lately" post. It's high time for another one, don't you think?

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I was resistent to picking up this book for a while. Something about the price and know what? I think it was just the price. I was sort of waiting for it to come down just a little bit. But a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and downloaded it to my Kindle. Guys. It's amazing. I'm a little bit of a tech nerd (and an Apple fanchild), but even without those nuggets I'm pretty sure this is still an inspiring read. And after someone's been put up on a pedestal so much, it's kind of nice to see their flaws. Plus, his ideas and determination are inspiring. I finished it yesterday on the train, and it definitely made me cry a little bit.

Next on the list...
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Have you ever read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? It was the first book I read for a book club when I was in middle school. The ladies are back, 10 years later. I'm excited to get into this one, just for nostalgia's sake.

Sure, Zooey is playing her typical, whimsical character in The New Girl, but it's still damn funny. Mostly because one of the roommates, Schmidt, is hilariously douchey. It makes me laugh out loud most episodes, so it's a winner.
I've sort of been inadvertently watching Breaking Bad. Craig has recently started watching the show through Netflix, trying to catch up in time for the next season's premiere. So every so often I'll watch an episode with him. It's intense, but what else could you expect from AMC?

Listening to.
I love Kelly. Been a fan for a while. This song has been getting me through my runs lately. It pumps me up and usually makes me sing along. It leads to very embarrassing moments. But it's cool. I'm fine with it.

What have you been reading, watching and listening to lately?


  1. I get SO INTO that song. It's one of those ones that guaranttees a dance and singing party in my car every time.

    I am definitely gonna have to read the sisterhood of the traveling pants book this summer!

    have a good day!

  2. WAIT wait wait, WHY have I not read this Sisterhood Everlasting?? I literally sobbed through the entire second movie. I think you could say I'm a little attached to these girls. And omg I want to be Jess in New Girl more than most things.

  3. Sisterhood Everlasting is in the queue as soon as I finish a few others. I was so so so obsessed for so long with these books. Love New Girl, and SHS got me into Breaking Bad. There were a few episodes that had me so nervous I was pacing for most of it. ;)

  4. i totally bought the Steve Jobs book.


  6. Yes! Stronger is PERFECT for running. Your entire list is exactly my list ... which makes sense since we're the same person.

  7. Love me some Kelly Clarkson - and I think this song is one of her best! Everything she touches is gold, basically.

  8. Oh I really want to pick up that Steve Jobs book. Looks really interesting.

  9. Literally the EXACT same thing went on with Dagan and I regarding Breaking Bad. It's a tad much for me, if I'm being honest. I'm a wimp. I'll admit it.


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