this week in pictures + a video

To say I'm happy this week is over is an understatement. I'm so excited the weekend is here I could dance. I probably will dance.

So what happened this week?
sunday funday.
i cooked and read blogs...
i got wild with my attire.
i continued to get wild with my attire.
And then I took this video of Toby... let me just say, I love my Toby. I bought those boots to try and protect his pads from the gross salt and sand out there, since those can hurt little pups' feeties. Apparently, Toby's not all about boots though. At least he's a good sport, right?

Anyone doing anything good this weekend?


  1. hahaha oh my gosh - Toby is too funny. I had to watch that video twice, FYI, because it made me laugh so hard! So cute!

  2. STOP IT!!!! that video is killin me!!

  3. I love the part where Toby yawns THEN prances off like a show pony.

  4. hahaha oooh baby toby. he's so cute. and guuurl. your outfits, especially that first one, are killer. keep gettin' wild! it suits you.

  5. Bahaha my guys react in similar ways but once they're outside, they totally forget about the shoes!

    I'm so pleased this week is over as well!!

  6. bahahaha. I love that toby can have a sweet shoe collection like you too :) He's hysterical! Also, that pencil skirt is super cute!

  7. Omg that video of Toby in those boots is hilarious...also I love those leopard flats, so cute! :)

  8. Oh my goodness the boots are hysterical! So cute!!!
    And loved your "wild" outfit;)
    Happy weekend!!

  9. Love your "wild" outfits! Hope you have a great weekend and another Sunday Funday. ;)

  10. Ohmygod THE absolute cutest look at that strut he has going on!! And loveee your wild outfits :)

  11. LOVE those wild attire looks... more like wildly CHIC. ;)

  12. I won Bonnaroo tickets this weekend. asldfkajsdlfkjasdlfkjs !


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