wearing lately

I've taken to taking photos of my outfits via Instagram in the morning. It's been helping me be a bit more creative with what I'm wearing.
tuesday | purse: banana republic | skirt: banana republic {similar} | shoes: j.crew
wednesday | blazer: gap {similar} | top: anthropologie | pants: gap {similar} | shoes: ann taylor
thursday | scarf: gap | shirt: gap | pants: gap | shoes: gap

Can you tell I used to work at Gap?

What have you been wearing lately?

Sadly, I will not be leaving for vacation this weekend as originally planned. However, I will still be taking a little blog vacation. Don't worry, though. I've got some lovely ladies coming in to babysit the blog next week.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this.


  1. first of all, love that anthro top. wherever did you get it? secondly, thanks for the reminder about the guest post.

  2. Adorbs and creative! And shiz I need to get on that post! Don't you worry - I won't let your fans down.

  3. Cute outfits!! Also, that's awesome you used to work at GAP, I love that store...I actually used to work at Ann Taylor back in the day! Oh retail...happy Friday chica! Xoxo

  4. That Thursday outfit is making me so happy!! Yay for leopard print!

  5. Love seeing these on instagram! I actually attempted to take a picture of my outfit this morning, but full skirts definitely don't show up well on camera. ;)

  6. i am sorry your vacation fell through! hope you can go soon! :)

    ps love your instagram photos.

  7. I like your bird's eye photos. haha ;) I've been buying a lot of neon stuff lately. I'm sure it's not flattering, but I can't help myself.

  8. love the leopard print belle :)

  9. So cute! That last outfit is killer! Love the red pants and leopard jacket :)

  10. hello awesome pictures batman!! love the 3rd one. the leopard, OMG love.

    lauren lanza osias

  11. I love your clothes! Especially the last outfit. Precious!


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