little things

Little things can make your day. Sometimes something so tiny, so minuscule will happen and I will be smiling from ear to ear. It makes the day better, life seems that much more amazing. It's almost like birds start singing and the proverbial clouds of life part. Everything is just...lovely.

You know?

In the same light, little things can ruin your day. Something tiny, microscopic can just erupt the peace I've so carefully been building. The world comes crashing in, and it's like you can't breathe. And it feels so silly to let something so little bother me so immensely. And that makes me feel even worse. And the cycle starts again.

You know?

Life is funny sometimes, with how it throws things at you. How it makes us prioritize things differently from other people. It gets so bothersome when someone tells you not to be upset over something. How dare you tell me that. How dare you tell me where my priorities ought to be. I find it important, so let me find it important and worthy if my tears.

I'd apologize for ending the week on such a downer, but I'm not really sorry. Sometimes you just need to get things out there, regardless of day. Sometimes I just need to put things out there. And this is my one place to get things out. Sometimes we just need a good release. A good cry.

So thanks for reading this. I mean it.

Have a good weekend.


  1. let it out girl. your blog! and we have all been there. hoping your weekend is quite a bit brighter. alex

  2. sometimes crying makes everything better. it doesn't fix it, but it is just good for the soul. i hope your weekend is better. i hope something little can make it happy.

  3. Awww Alex I know exactly what you are talking about. And honestly a good cry is sometimes the best medicine!

  4. I love you for this post. (Well, I love you for lots of other reasons too, but still).

    I can truly relate to this sentiment because I deal with it a lot. I love your saying about how the little things in life can make our day, but a lot of people who say that don't realize that little things in life can also break our day!! And it's so easy to get upset or stressed about something that might be considered "small" to others.

    Lately, I have a million little things stressing me out right now and it irritates the crap outta me when my boyfriend scoffs at me for it. GRRRRR. :S

    I really hope you feel better. If you need to talk, you know where to find me. xo

  5. feel better, darling. it is always good to go talk to someone too. it helps you put all your worries (that seem so serious at times) into perspective. i have anxiety too, and when i talk with someone, it helps me not feel so alone in it!


  6. This is perfect...and I couldn't agree more! A lot of the time I sensor what I write, or else I get a bunch of questions that I don't want to answer. Other times, I put it out there and just say screw it...people will always react however they want. You've done GREAT WORK! :)


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