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With my first race of 2012 coming up on Sunday, and the Boston Marathon rolling through my hood on Monday, I thought I'd share some more running fun. Here are some of my race day essentials...
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1 | Backpack | Some races make you use their designated packs, but I prefer using my own. My North Face backpack has been with me since college, and its bright red color makes it easy for me to spot in case there's no real gear check. It can hold layers of clothes I shed before the race starts and has space for everything else I need.

2 | Chapstick | After miles of running, your lips get pretty chapped. So it's always smart to have chapstick tucked away somewhere, especially if your running a longer race. They can easily slide into pants pockets or (if you have no pockets) sports bras.

3 | Sunscreen | You'd be surprised how burned you can get. Lather up on sunscreen before the gun goes off. Do not skimp on it, even if it's cloudy out. You won't regret it.

4 | Water | Hydrate before and after the race. Necessary. I prefer this glass water bottle from Life Factory.

5 | Gu Chomps | I like to carry these with me during longer races. Chomps are my favorite kind of Gu's. They give you just the right amount of energy. HOWEVER do not try these for the first time on race day. Incorporate them into your training so you're not changing your routine on race day.

6 | Coconut water | This is for post-race replenishing. Lots of potassium to recharge your body after you've ran and ran.

7 | iPod Nano | No run is complete without my iPod. I'm not really much of a talker when I run. I'm sort of more of a solitary runner. iPods let me cancel everyone else out and just focus on me. Plus the new Nanos have Nike+ integrated into it, so I can keep track of my splits. And sometimes Lance Armstrong comes on and talks to you.

Tune in Monday to check out some of my favorite running gear, in honor of Boston's big day!

Happy weekend!


  1. all of these things are so irrelevant in my life HOWEVER...good luck, love!!!

  2. Vita Coco sent me a free coupon for one of their drinks...are they good?!

  3. Good luck! Run hard and have fun!


  4. absolutely loving this list! I need to try some flavored cocoanut water. I know how good it is for you but I had some plain kind and thought it was horrible haha :)

  5. You are so legit. How I wish I could enjoy running. Good luck girl!!!

  6. Perfect running essentials! Mine unfortunately has to include an inhaler (boo asthma!) and my Garmin watch.

    Good luck on your race! I need to get on scheduling my first for 2012!

  7. I LOVE making visual lists! It's an easy way to get oneself pumped up for upcoming events.

  8. Hope you had a great time at the race!


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