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You know, this week still feels ridiculously long. I mean, c'mon. How is it only Thursday? So here's what I've found on the Interwebz to help me get through this hellish week.

+ Ya can't look at an asian baby & be in a bad mood. Fact. Pure fact. Check it out if you're feeling grumpy, and it's a surething that you'll be smiling by the third photo. We can all thank Christin for this one.

+ Food on My Dog. This was my Gchat status for probably a solid two weeks. Because I love it. I love this dog's patience.

+ Texts from Hillary. This blog peaked and actually ended this week, but damn. What a good week. I still love going through all of the archives and LOLing through each photo.

+ Text from Dog. If Toby could text, I'd want him to text like this. For realz.

What sites do you look at for a good laugh during a bad week?

Oh, and here's a best friend playing with my three nieces...
My life is so awesome.


  1. Text from Dog kiiiiills me. So entertaining.

  2. Text from Dog kiiiiills me. So entertaining.

  3. YES! Texts from Hillary!! SO GOOD.

    Also, I'm hosting a book giveaway! Check it out, lady!

  4. Dude the Texts From Hillary was so hilarious. I can't stop laughing.

  5. OMG this is so freaking cute!

  6. OMFG IS THAT JON?!?!?!

    i am so jealous. both of you, and no me. URGH.


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