Happy first day of May! May is my favorite month of the year, and it's not just because my day of birth falls within the 31 days (May 14, mark it on your calendar).

So I bet you're wondering what I've been reading/watching/listening to lately.

I know, I'm a mind-reader. It's startling.

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I recently finished "Mile Markers" by Kristin Armstrong (yes, ex-wife of Lance). It's inspiring how she relates running to life, and it has given me an endless list of things to think about while running. She has a way with words, and reading this book felt like I was having a conversation with her during a long run. In my fantasy world, I'd like her to be my friend.
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I started reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" because I wanted to see what the hype was about. Like, everyone kept saying it was like porn but for women and awesome, so I guess I just wanted to see for myself. Guys. This book. It sucks you in! And it's not even just the sex. It's the whole storyline. I need to know what happens to these characters. I feel an emotional attachment! I'm already on the second book.

My TV shows haven't really changed recently. I've basically been watching the same shit over and over. Literally, I watch repeats of episodes I've already seen. It's fine. But I did go see "The Lucky One" on Friday night! Craig took me. It was sweet. He looked up the movie times and everything. And while it didn't bring me to tears like "The Notebook did does, I still give it a solid B. It was only an hour and a half, so I didn't feel like the storyline dragged on forever. It was a sweet little romance, and it featured one adorable dog. Plus Zac Efron got hot. Like, really hot. No shame in my game.

Listening to.
Florence + the Machine steals my heart every time. Lately I've been on a real Florence kick, listening to just about every song on repeat.
This music never fails to leave me inspired and happy. I love how music can do that for you. And her voice makes my commute feel a bit shorter, especially on the long days.

So what have you been reading/watching/listening to?


  1. I didn't realize your birthday is this month too! Mine is the 30th.. so I'm thinking we should meet up in between the 2 and celebrate? I'll be done with classes by then so it could even be a weeknight after work. let me know!

    also SO looking forward to finishing exams so I can start 50 shades of grey! that and the hundred other books I have lined up haha. Oh and The Lucky One is on my to-do list too, because yeah... zak efron got HOT.

  2. First things first, happy month of birth.

    Secondly, you know what i've been listening to.

    and scene.

  3. ... and mark it on my calendar, I did!

  4. Girl, you know F+M rocks my world. Love! And I need to read 50 shades. I think that is going on my Sunday to do list...

  5. If you have Netflix you must watch Running the Sahara. I watched it last night and seriously stayed up way passed my bedtime in order to finish it because it was so intriguing. It's about these 3 guys that run through the Sahara desert from one coast to the other...without taking a single day off. Seriously, watch it. And maybe you and I should do something crazy like that. Haha, maybe.

  6. It's gonna be a bust when you're a mom and you have mothers day fall right next to your birthday. Double presents? Tall order.

    Reading: Roth's American Pastoral and I just started GEB EGB (google it) but I'll probabbly never finish it.

    Watching: Mad Men, but I haven't seen last week's.

    Listening: Gotye's album. And some random 90's jams like Soul Asylum "Faded" have been stuck in my head since Saturday.
    Damn you dance party, damn you.

  7. Florence and the Machine! :)

  8. Just ordered 50 Shades on and am so pumped! I've heard too many good things and need a good book to lay in the park and read in the sunshine. I haven't bought a hardback in forever bc I have Kindle on my iPad but the iPad just doesn't cut it on those sunny days...


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