fashion faux pas

Ladies, I have something very serious to address with you today. Let's back up and get some perspective on this story before I start getting to the good parts.

My friend works at a local university here in Boston. The seniors go on this boat cruise every year just before graduation, and this year my friend was asked to chaperone it. He invited me to come with him, since I love having a good time and embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of people I don't know. No shame, my friends, no shame. So let's address this: we are going on a boat, into Boston harbor in early May. Wednesday was drizzly and chilly, and it would be considerably cooler on the water. I left my office, bundled up and ready to go.

What I saw when I got to the boat was, indeed, a travesty.

Fashion faux pas, everywhere I looked.
Like this girl. We all know I love shoes. I love the shit out of shoes. Wedges, heels, flats, sneaks. I love them all. But these shoes? On a boat? You are asking to fall over. JUST ASKING FOR IT. She toddled all the way up the little plank onto the boat and I swore she was going to eat it. She made it up alright, but I'm not sure how she fared for the rest of the night.
I can't explain this. What is this? What are you doing? First of all, flouncy skirt on a boat? Wind is going to blow and everyone is going to see your business. Also, WHERE IS YOUR COAT?! WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?! IT IS FREEZING. She was a hot mess all night.
Oh and this? This I can't explain. Slinky dress? No jacket? Stilettos? ON A BOAT? No. I cannot.

Ladies, this makes me worried for our future. Look at these shenanigans! I understand that these girls are trying to look good and all, but showing your hoohah to the world and shaking it so hard your rump falls out of your skirt just isn't cute. It's just not. And the amount of bare feet I saw at the end of the night made me horrified. TETNUS LADIES!!! IT'S A THING!


And on that note, happy friday! I hope you all have a fabulous and fashionable weekend :)


  1. I scream about this all the time! It's the same in NY any night of the week. Giant heels, super miniskirts, and no jackets! They're just asking to get sick or injured!

  2. Oh dear. I mean, I'm totally unsurprised as college students tend to make decisions based on a set of priorities totally foreign to me. I will never ever ever understand wearing stupidly uncomfortable shoes, and then walk around barefoot in public. Ever. What's so terrible about wearing shoes that you can rock all night long? Grow up, ladies.

  3. jesus mary & joseph.

    these people.

  4. I guess I'm just a more positive person but if they are all graduating and got to do something fun, they have every right to dress how they want. Everyone should be able to, no matter what.

  5. This seems unnecessarily critical, and kind of low

  6. This post is hilarious... and horrible at the same time. I got such a good laugh from it. I see things like this all the time and wonder WHY! I was telling my co-workers about your post today and the things you saw!

  7. Hahahaha!! This post made me laugh - girls can be crazy when it comes to looking good, especially college students ;)

  8. Yeah, people are stupid. . .


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